Magnetic Island Visitors Guide


The FNF Outdoor Adventure website is updated daily with the latest snorkeling conditions, and they have an extensive range of snorkeling gear for sale or hire.  Click here for more information-

There are many spectacular places on Magnetic Island to snorkel, as well as two snorkeling trails. There are swim cards available at FNF Outdoor Adventure (36 Mandalay Ave, Nelly Bay) that wrap around your wrist and have information such as the type of coral and fish you will see on the swim as well as the location of the white buoys, which are placed along the length of the trail.

IMPORTANT- Further out from the trails are yellow buoys which are the baited shark lines. DO NOT go near the yellow buoys.

Nelly Bay Snorkel Trail-  This trail begins approximately 100m off the beach near Base Backpackers, and then turns left from the beach to follow along the reef closest to the shore.

There are five white surface floats that outline the trail and offer a chance to use them as floatation and rest.

This trail is a good swim for beginners and has easy access from the beach.

Geoffrey Bay Trail- This trail begins about 390m from the beach opposite the Arcadia Hotel. The Moltke wreck is home to a large selection of fish. There is also a WWII airplane propeller and engine block from a CW-22B Curtiss Falcon to view for stronger swimmers.

IMPORTANT- It is recommended that stinger suits are worn in the water between the months of November and April, as stingers are common at this time. If you do get stung, wash with vinegar and seek immediate medical attention.